“Bestcomp Group” Company at the exhibition Bakutel 2014

The company "Bestcomp Group", participating at the exhibition Bakutel-2014 has demonstrated the latest advances made by it in the field of system integration. Subject of a presentation at the exhibition this year was information security systems of HP and F5 companies and HP Autonomy.


Visitors were informed that the main intellectual property of "HP Autonomy" - "Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL)" - allows you to extract valuable information from very huge volumes of data unstructured in its bulk.

The use of "IDOL" allows organizations to identify the context and nature which are established in these data bases and encourages them to make the operation more successful.


Software "Autonomy" is gradually applied into various products that solve organizing portfolio of "HP" issues, ranging from information management to web content management, digital marketing, and corporate content management and to completed reality.


The information was provided at the exhibition that currently, F5  information security systems is being applied  in many fields in Azerbaijan-in communications service  providers, government agencies.

Further information was provided that along with Azerbaijan, the company is involved in the implementation of various ICT projects in the republics of Georgia and Central Asia. Solutions presented by the system integrator "Bestcomp Group", distinguished by its optimality. These qualities ensure company’s successful participation in a variety of major projects.


Along with the company's services, its active participation in other projects attracted attention of the visitors of Bakutel. Employees of the company, taking into account the interest of visitors in this direction, said that the "Bestcomp Group" company is the operator of the project "National Computer", implemented jointly by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, HP and Microsoft company, in which more than 25,000 teachers and students were provided with sets of computer equipment.


One of the main advantages of "Bestcomp Group" lies in the fact that it is an authorized distributor of American HP, DELL, Microsoft, Eaton, TrippLite, HID companies, as well Germany’s Kindermann, France’s Schneider Electric, Gemalto, Port Designs, Taiwan’s ACER, Sapphire, Turkey’s ARTronic, Karel, Mirsan and business partner of Oracle, Canon, Toshiba, Polycom, Symantec, F5, Citrix, Thales, VMware, Mitel (AASTRA), QNAP, Dr.Web companies.