“Doctor Web” and BestComp Group held a joint seminar

Seminar on “Protection of corporate networks from internet-threats with Dr.Web anti-virus solutions” was held on October 4, 2011. The seminar was arranged by the Russian “Doctor Web” company with support of BestComp Goupr as the regional partner and leading system integrator in South Caucasus and Azerbaijan Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The seminar targeted at managers of companies, heads of IT divisions and information security experts. Contribution of BestComp Group company which expressed interest in attracting such a well-known anti-virus software developer to local market should be particularly emphasized. Dr.Web solutions will join the selection of BestComp Group offers, whose activities cover design and implementation of critical business ICT solutions for corporate customers as well as work with end-users. Today BestComp Group is involved in many national projects, including activities for development of e-government and participation in the famous “National Computer” project.

After the welcoming speech addressed by Mr. Etibar Umudov, representative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies the floor was given to Mr. Boris Sharov, general director of “Doctor Web” LLC, who provided a brief historical background  to the company and told the participants about new developments in anti-virus software. “Our company entered the market in 2004 which coincided with launching of Dr.Web 4.32 anti-virus. At the time, our company started providing technical and consulting support to all of its partners and end-users. Today, our company employs 280 persons with branches in 7 countries. Dr.Web anti-virus products are developed since 1992 and constantly demonstrate highest rates of damaging software detection and curing of contaminated systems in line with international security standards. Not many know that our company for the first to launch on-line virus check of personal computers and was the first one to introduce pro-active protection opportunities. Today the company offers anti-virus solutions for the widest users range, which contain the Dr.Web anti-virus kernel, use a unified system of virus database updates and reliable anti-virus protection for large corporate networks, as well as home or office PCs. Dr.Web anti-virus can be used practically under all existing operational systems. It is worth mentioning that the company pays close attention to rapidly developing mobile devices market. Anti-virus laboratory is conducting various experiments and developments, including distance banking services and strengthening ATM security, improving proactive protection and regular updating of anti-virus base.  We also offer very interesting solutions for internet-providers, while common users can acquaint with the selection of our unique free services at Taking such facts into account, it is very pleasing that we discovered a reliable partner in Azerbaijan such as BestComp Group, to help your users ensure better protection of their computers from harmful software” – B. Sharov stated. It should also be noted that today Dr.Web stands out among similar solutions of other manufacturers with its exceptional leniency to computer resources, compactness, fast work and reliable detection of all types of harmful software.

Rauf Hasanov, general director of BestComp Group confirmed their intentions to widely integrate Dr.Web products in existing projects, in particular the “National Computer” project. According to R. Hasanov, within the framework of partnership the company has already purchased 15 thousand licenses, which will be provided along with the computers in this project. They key presentation made by Vitaliy Butayev, the head of technical support services at “Doctor Web- Central Asia” (Kazakhstan), was dedicated to Dr.Web’s flagship product called Enterprise Security Suite. It is worth emphasizing that this product package includes elements of protection for all nodes of corporate network and a single management center for most of them. Its modules contain information security elements for:

Work stations, Windows, OS/2, MS DOS, Linux и Mac OS X terminal server clients and integrated system clients;

File servers and Windows и Novell NetWare, Solaris, MacOS X Server, Linux, FreeBSD software servers (including terminal servers);

Unix, Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus, Kerio e-mail servers;

Mobile devices operating on Windows Mobile, Symbian OS и Android.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite also includes all necessary components for protection of individual network nodes and a single management center, developed in the form of a convenient and clear interface. These are only some advantages offered by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite package. For detailed information please visit

It should also be noted that each visitor of the seminar received a Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite certificate as a gift, which can be installed on 100 personal computers and includes protection elements of all corporate network nodes and a single Management Center for most of them. After 2 months of free usage, the certificate holders can purchase licensed software at 40% discount price.

In the conclusion of the seminar the participants received a unique opportunity to talk with representatives of the company and receive first hand answers to their questions on Dr.Web products.