National PC

Informational technologies are an integral part of the life of modern society. Modern life style throughout the globe, as well as in Azerbaijan, involves extensive use of IT. In this environment provision of access to technologies at the grass roots level is absolutely necessary and as a number one priority would entail provision of PCs to people. Large-scale computer availability enables people to be the full-right members of information society and to benefit from IT achievements.


National PC Project jointly implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies, Ministry of Education, HP and Microsoft may be considered an initial stage of national computerization.
The Projects key objectives are to enable social groups of population to buy modern PCs equipped with licensed software at favorable terms; to reduce digital development lag by increased application of IT in regions; to support the activities of the Government of Azerbaijan aimed at development of information society and establishment of e-government.


The project's overall concept is fully in line with a number of essential public programs, including Electronic Government State Program and State Program on IT in Educational System of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2008-2012.


The first stage covers a 4 months pilot project aimed at provision of PCs to teachers. In future it is planned to extend the project to include other social groups (students, doctors, civil servants as well) as well.
PCs provided under the project included HP's MiniNotes, Laptops and Desktop Computers. All PCs have been equipped with licensed Microsoft software, as provided by the terms of School Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and Microsoft Corporation.


Loan with 12 months maturity and zero interest rate is offered for all equipment. Price of computers sold under the National PC Project are 25-40% lower compared to market prices.


Shipment and delivery of computers and collection of monthly payments is carried out by AzerPost. Pilot project is implemented by AzerPost and BestComp Group - local partner of HP and Microsoft.


Obtained data shows that around 7000 teachers have already became owners of personal computers under this Project.