Bestcomp Group introduced a new convenient tool for Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan

The Bestcomp Group Company takes active participation in the development of telecommunication technologies in Azerbaijan. 

One of the most striking and interesting projects that we have managed to introduce in our country will be noticed and pleasantly experienced not only by the more than 2 million subscribers of Bakcell, but also by those who actively monitor the digital life of Azerbaijan!


As a result of new partnership arrangements, the Bestcomp Group Company has become an official partner of one of the first and largest players in the field of solutions for telecommunication operators - Sandvine. Our partner not only writes about this on his webpage, but also in the press release for "Yahoo! Finance ", the financial information service provider owned by Yahoo!" Yahoo! Finance", one of the main suppliers of financial information in the United States with more than 23 million visitors in February 2010, according to comScore data".

Thus, the international interest to our projects and to the Bestcomp Group company itself is becoming wider.


However, our company did not just bring ready-made solution to Azerbaijan, we also were actively engaged in the development of a new and unique product for our customer - Bakcell. 


One of the published press releases describes the product developed by our specialists in detail:


"MyBakcellim toolbar is a convenient service that allows Bakcell subscribers easily and transparently access the company's services, as well as more comprehensively control the use of minutes and funds in the account."


Since 2015, we have been actively cooperating with Bakcell, the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan, introducing the most advanced solutions from the global practice. Our solutions allow mobile data users to have the most flexible packages and the most convenient tools for management of their account.



"Bakcell subscribers will also be able to see the name of their tariff plan with detailed information about tariffs, information on bonus minutes, SMS and data packages, as well as the active data packets with indication of the remaining balance. In addition, the toolbar provides subscribers with the ability to change the tariff plan and top up the balance of your account. With assistance of MyBakcellim toolbar's multifunctional menu, they also can subscribe to any package using the ‘Packages' tab". - said in a press release (cited from


However, this is only a part of the entire product, which is visible to users. Along with it, we introduced a very handy tool that allows the operator to create unique products and packages for users in a very short period of time, monitor the quality of data services and improve it, and conduct targeted Internet marketing campaigns.