Design and technological equipment of conference halls

Modern conference hall is a sophisticated complex, which brings together a host of high-tech systems, creating organizational and technological conditions that ensure the achievement of objectives related to the functionality of the hall.
Construction of conference halls is a serious endeavor that requires a professional approach both in the construction phase and in the implementation phase of the design project. Over the years, our company has gained considerable experience in the design, reconstruction and construction of the modern conference rooms from the "zero" to the turn-key.
Being in business of designing the conference halls for a long time, we have thoroughly studied all the features of this process. Our company offers unique solutions for the creation of multi-purpose conference halls from the stage of design to the stage of installation of conference systems, sound, multimedia, video projection and other equipment based on the requirements of the customer and the ease of use of the hall.
The range of services offered to customers include: ergonomics design of conference hall, calculation of electric acoustics, design of conference communication, sound amplification, video conference, video surveillance and video projection systems.
Technological requirements for the conference halls are defined by the wishes of the customer and required functionality, which the system has to provide.


The conference systems, offered by our specialists are divided by functionality:

  • Simultaneous translation of speech
  • The number of language channels
  • Computer control of halls' multimedia equipment
  • Video surveillance
  • Voting
  • Organization of databases

And by implementation:

  • Mobile
  • Embedded
  • Desktop
  • Wire
  • Wireless

Design and equipment of the conference halls by our specialists includes the following steps:

  • Design of ergonomics of the conference hall
  • Calculation of the architectural and electric acoustics of premises
  • Design conference communication systems
  • Design of sound amplification systems
  • Design of video surveillance systems
  • Design of video projection systems
  • Design of videoconference systems
  • Design of computer networking solutions
  • Supply and installation of technological equipment
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the whole complex

We work only with reliable leading manufacturers with whom our company has established long-term cooperation.