bProDoc - Document Management System


 “bProDoc” software is developed by the “Bestcomp Group” Company. It complies with standards approved by legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and is designed for efficient document workflow management in public bodies as well as large companies. Complying with customer needs, the software product has fast deployment capability and can be modified and configured.



Functionality of system:

Registration and search of documents:

-          Management of documents in centralized and distributed manner;

-          Expanded and simple search by all document types and document attributes and data;

-          Search by attachments;

-          Filtration capability within search results;

-          Registration of citizens in reception;

-          Registration of incoming and outgoing legislative documents;

-          Automatic electronic archivation;

-          Search in archived documents;

-          Tracking of controlled documents;

-          Determination of uniqueness of incoming documents;

-          Automatization of review forms and reports;


Support of clerical work and document workflow:

-          Transfer of paper documents in electronic format;

-          Electronic registration;

-          Electronic document registration card;

-          Support of document input via scanner;

-          Registration of incoming and outgoing document that came via e-mail or fax;

-          Use of nomenclature rules;

-          Linking documents;

-          Comment and annotations support;

-          Support of work with correspondence from citizens;

-          Support of work with inquiries;

-          Support of hierarchic reference books;

-           Assignment of roles to users according to their responsibilities and their management.

Sending documents for implementation and implementation control:


- Creation of preliminary sending schemes by type of document;

- Appending instructions on documents, taking under control, setting the date of execution, giving assignments on execution of the document;

- Sending documents for information;

- Ability to track the movement of documents and attached responses and notes;

- Setting of the period of the automatic execution of correspondence from citizens;

- Automatic distribution of documents between employees;

-Capability to inform user about arrival of new document without need to open the program.

Analytic reports:

-          Report on current workload of employees;

-          Report on implementation of works on documents (retrospective);

-          Report on overdue documents;

-          Extensive and quantitative reports on incoming and outgoing documents;

-          Periodic reports;

Information security:

-          Authentication of system users;

-          Integration with organization’s domain network;

-          Support of electronic signature;

-          Encryption of database;

-          Audit of users work;

Additional functions:

-          Use of OCR system;

-          Remote use of system;

-          Mobile connectivity option;

Advantages of software:

-          Low cost of software implementation and usage;

-          Commissioning period is between 2-4 months;

-          Lifetime warranty for software’s program code errors;

-          Analysis of and precise adaptation to business processes of customer;

-          Familiarization with implementation effect before project’s launch;

-          Significant increase of time efficiency of clerical work;

-          Elimination of document loss and delay of implementation;

-          Feature of creation and management of new document types and fields by software administrator;

-          Total control over document implementation;

-          Automatic numeration of documents according to pre-set settings;

-          Automatic distribution of workload between employees;

-          Automatic registration of visitors in reception;

-           Tracking of all levels of implementation;

-          Control over discipline both of individual employees and entire units;

-          Decrease of time required for implementation of documents;

-          Decrease of document tracking costs;

-          Use of technology of processing “electronic images’ both in textual and graphic formats during preparation of electronic documents;

-          Easy administration of software;

-          Support of organizational hierarchy by software;

-          Scalability of software;

-          Decrease in need of human resources in archivation;

-          Decrease of time required for search of archived documents to seconds;


-          Minimal requirements to user’s computer skills and less time for training.