bProMed - e-health card system


bProMed is the manageable e-healthcare information management system incorporating personal and medical data of citizens. Data stored in the smartcards issued to the citizens and duplicated on the central database allows to control effectively health status of citizens, helps cardholders to be diagnosed or treated quickly and ensures safe storage of data with fast access when required.


The bProMed system is consisting of following subsystems and modules:

  • VESKS - Electronic Health-card System of Citizens
    • The maternity hospital module
    • The child policlinic module
    • The child hospital module
  • TMKS - Medical Check-up Card System
    • The sanitary and epidemiological center module
    • The medical check-up cabinet module
    • The mobile audit module
  • MIM - Information Management Centre
  • KPM - Card Personalization Centre
  • Healthcare portal

bProMed's features:

  • Electronic health registries
  • Administrative data
  • Parents data
  • Maternity information
  • Physical development data
  • Vaccination data
  • Check-up data
  • Health status data
  • Treatment data
  • Prescriptions
  • Medicines
  • Dislocation table
  • Periodical check-up data
  • Mobile control over periodic check-ups
  • Card's data
  • Periodic reports
  • Medical certificate on birth
  • Extract from the history of illness
  • Self-service via health portal
  • Electronic data exchange
  • Automatic updates


  • Child's data on birth, own health, health of the parents entered according to standard forms and official documents can be exchanged between related healthcare institutions automatically. If necessary, information stored at the Ministry of Health's Information Management Centre can be delivered to the relevant healthcare enterprise in less than 5 minutes. Fast access of the corresponding medical personnel of these enterprises to the patient's medical data creates all possibilities for high quality healthcare.
  • Accumulation of data at the Ministry's Information Management Centre allows to control effectively healthcare services rendered to citizens, to create reports processing data obtained from the healthcare institutions from all over the country.
  • Hardcopy data of citizens stored at medical enterprises are being transferred to the electronic format and bProMed allows to manage these data effectively.
  • By using smart e-health cards everybody's full medical information can be retrieved quickly, safely at any healthcare enterprise allowing efficient and fast medical service or treatment.
  • Medical check-up card system allows to organize centralized control over regularity and quality of occupational medical check-ups of persons who have to pass such check-ups because of nature of their profession.
  • Citizens located at any place can easily and safely get own data from the Health portal.
  • Full-featured search functionality allows to find data on any search pattern.
  • Any changes, alterations, amendments are logged to ensure safety of the data.
  • Reserve backup copies are created regularly to ensure safety of records.